Beauty Biz On A Budget

Hey there Beauty Queens,

Do you ever wonder how those hairstylists (or any beauty expert) go from infamous to Instafamous?

Like one day they’re in Cosmo school and the next, they’re making six figures?

You might be thinking… ”Must be easy being a millennial with all this social media to boost your business. We never had social media, we had to build and market our business the cold, hard knock way.” #AmIRight ?

That’s exactly how I felt too…

Handing out business cards
Word of mouth

  • Marketing your beauty biz doesn’t have to be hard, but it does take DEDICATION.

  • Social media isn’t just for the young, cool kids either, but you have to have the drive to learn it and adapt in order for it to work for you.

  • Building out your marketing strategy doesn’t have to break the bank.

  • And NOPE, you don’t even have to be tech savvy to make it all work!

And today, I’m going to share with you the FREE tools that I teach my students to use in the Beauty MarkKit Workshop and that I personally used to grow my beauty business from $30k/year to over 6 figures, working part-time.


Square has been the saving grace in my business and I’ve never regretted the moment I started taking credit cards. I know I know… so many hairstylists are resistant to anything but cash and check because of tax purposes, BUT it’s all about CONVENIENCE my friends.

If you aren’t offering multiple ways to accept payments, you aren’t adapting with the times. Nowadays, people want the EASIEST way possible to do something AND there are less and less people carrying cash and checks than there were even 5 years ago. Plus, it’s a write-off so why not?

My other favorite (and most recent) is VenMo. This one is still up and coming, but if you ask your clients if they have it, they absolutely loooove paying with VenMo! And sometimes, if they don’t have it it’s only because they’ve never heard of it and once you introduce it to them, they’ll be happy to start using it. Direct deposit, no fee (as of now)… That’s a win, win in my book! ;)

Yes, you can schedule appointments in Square. So Renae, why wouldn’t I keep all of my stuff in one place? Well, because there are things that Setmore does that Square currently doesn’t offer that is a MUST for the way I teach.

Main reasons to choose Setmore over Square for booking (updated Nov, 2018):
1. Setmore offers a “BOOK” button on Instagram whereas Square currently does not. THIS IS A HUGE ADVANTAGE FOR YOU!

2. When you’re building out your systems (correctly) you want to take your potential customer through a predictable online journey. You want to be able to redirect your new users who book online to a custom thank you page. Why? Because Thank You pages are POWERFUL when it comes to marketing your beauty business. Here, you can offer more incentives, create urgency to

3. With your Instagram linked to your Setmore account, your viewer can see your Instagram feed directly from your booking page. That way, if someone lands on your booking page from a different source other than Instagram, they’ll be able to connect with you over there and gain another follower and a possible client.

4. So many other reason, but I’m running out of room here!

This is a no brainer… BUT if you didn’t already know how POWERFUL social media can be for your beauty business, then now is the time to jump on board!

IT’S FREE!! What is better than that?

Social media is a TRAFFIC tool to get more eyeballs on your content, your services and ultimately get more #ASSESINYOURCHAIR

So which one do I choose? The best answer I can give you is, it depends. They are both effective. Different service providers have different audiences and it’ll depend on where YOUR unique audience is hanging out the most.

I always suggest to start with both until you’ve collected enough data to determine where your tribe is hanging out and then run with it from there. BUT there’s nothing wrong with having both platforms active and they are fairly easy to manage in tandem.

1. You MUST have a business account for Instagram - Tracking your numbers and insights is key if you want to have a strategy that works and one that works FAST.

2. You MUST have a Facebook business page to do the same. PLUS if you ever want to grow beyond yourself and push some paid traffic, you’ll need this type of account to manage all of your paid ads.

While Instagram’s “post to Facebook” option is convenient… they actually want you to treat them as TWO SEPARATE platforms. What I mean is, the algorithm knows when you’re being lazy :/ so if you’re using this shortcut to post to Facebook, your post on Facebook won’t be shown to as many of your followers. It actually does the opposite and gets hidden from your followers in the algorithm abyss. Ever wonder why when you post from Insta to FB that it doesn’t get as many likes/comments? That’s why. Take the extra effort and post separately to Facebook. It’ll save you the headache of wondering why your marketing isn’t getting you anywhere on FB.

On Facebook, don’t be too promotey. Remember when Mark Zuckerberg announced a huge change to the Facebook allows its users to interact? Well…he did. Basically, he wants Facebook to continue to be what it was meant for to begin with. A community, to connect with friends, and not a place of salesy marketing.

Even if you post something like:
”Going on maternity leave for 3 months starting in February, make your appointments NOW! Spaces limited.”

THIS ^ is too promotey to “Facebook’s current standards” and will most likely get hidden from your followers.

Instead post your “message” through a story. Something like:
”Thinking about maternity leave’s got me missing my clients already!” (Something enticing to get those followers to reach out on their own)

That’s all I’m going to cover for this section, until next time ;)

Canva is an insanely useful FREE tool to create design assets for your business and personal brand. If you aren’t using it yet, you’re missin out. You can do everything from create a logo to design an Instagram Story and SO MUCH MORE.

What I use Canva for the most:
- Vouchers (lead magnets)
- Gift Card Designs
- Design assets for my landing pages/website/email
- Instagram stories & posts
- Facebook elements
- Ads
- Printables - service menu/business cards

Planoly is also a FREE tool that allows you to schedule, plan and automate your posts for Instagram. This is a crazy robust tool even in the free version. My favorite part about this tool is there is a mobile app AND a desktop version which I absolutely love because sometimes I just want to get off of my phone and conquer my tasks quicker.

You can track your insights, do your market research using the “Discover” tool, and reply to comments directly from the app and of course - so much more!

Sit down for 30 minutes and plan out your content/posts for the next 30 days (or whatever is comfortable for you). If you have a desktop or laptop, this is much easier to do on a Sunday night in front of the TV with a glass of wine than it is on your mobile phone.

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There you go! The 6 MAIN FREE TOOLS you can use to start marketing your beauty business today! Of course all of these require a certain amount of effort but realistically, what’s a little bit of effort for a heck of a lot return? Imagine how you’ll feel when that first customer books in? Time to get out there and get comfortable being uncomfortable!

Do you think any of these tools & methods will work for your beauty business?

Let me know in the comments!

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