If You Don't Prioritize Your Life Someone Else Will


"If you don't prioritize your life, someone else will."
–Greg McKeown

This morning I turned on my computer and saw this welcome message on my desktop...and it hit me... 

So I just wanted to share it with my tribe here as a friendly reminder. 

You wanna know what this message really means?


It means that even if it's not super apparent to us, the people we surround ourselves with are the ones who are either encouraging us or preventing us from building OUR dreams. 

This is why our environment and our inner circle is SOOO important. 

We don't subconsciously think of it this way though... BUT...

  • Your husband/wife/partner who isn't supportive is actually holding you back and diminishing your self-confidence

  • That boss is encouraging you to build their dream, not yours

  • ANYONE with negative energy/drama is creating a negative aura that rubs off on you and you don't even realize it

  • The hater on social media (or the one in the break-room) 

  • The clients that push you around; ask for discounts, cancel, no-show, ask to come in on your day off, etc. THEY ARE MOLDING YOUR DREAMS INTO A NIGHTMARE

These are all the people who are prioritizing your life. It's time for you to take control of the outcomes YOU desire.


Value your WORTH no matter what ANYONE else around you thinks or says. 

👆🏻THIS is the #1 thing to becoming successful in ANY AREA of your life. 👆🏻

I'm not here to get woo on you, but I am here to cheer you on and make this journey a little less overwhelming.