The Profitable Updo


The Essential Blueprint for Turning Updos Into Income

An online program exclusively built for bridal stylists & makeup artists that teaches you how to build a simple marketing plan to fill your calendar predictably.


what’s included

>>> 7 Modules

>>> 3 Bonuses

>>> Templates and Resources

>>> Checklists

>>> Video and Audio Training

>>> 1:1 Personalized feedback



here’s the rundown:

Maybe you can relate…

I struggled with making ends meet and began hating what I did for a living and couldn’t understand why because I DID have the talent and enjoyed the craft...

I felt:
Had an inconsistent income & schedule
I had influencer envy
And totally feared technology


After years of trial and error, I finally started embracing it and began to figure it out and that’s what I’m going to share with you today…


  • I’m consistently booked months in advance

  • I have almost 4,000 quality followers

  • I’m the one deciding who I want to work with

  • I’m charging what I’m worth

  • I’m helping others build the same lifestyle & career through the power of your online presence


The thing(s) that might be killing your earning potential


Lack of focus:

  • “Jack of all trades, master of NONE”

  • You don’t want to be mediocre at a lot of things  

  • The best way to grow your business and increase income is to become an expert at your ONE thing

Showcasing too many “things” can be distracting and confusing:

  • When followers are searching for a stylist with specific skills, they want to see that you are the “go-to” person

  • Too much personal life on your business Instagram is confusing

  • Open a separate page for business and for personal (it’s super easy to toggle between multiple accounts now)


  • Will lead to frustration

  • Will kill your earning potential

  • This is the #1 reason most hair stylists leave the industry within the first 5 years (don’t be one of them!)


  • Gain authority and leadership in the space you are an expert in

  • Maintain the best review scores by keeping your area of mastery

  • More social proof > leads to more demand > leads to more income

DON’T be the “I do weddings sometimes” person
DO be the “go-to” wedding stylist


The essential tech tools that will get you noticed in a saturated wedding market


Choose the tools that work for you. My motto is to always “use tools that give you the luxury look without having to pay luxury prices”.

Since I share marketing strategies with awesome people like you, naturally my content may contain affiliate links for products I use and love. If you take action (i.e. subscribe, make a purchase) after clicking one of these links (ads), I’ll earn some coffee ☕️ & donut🍩 money which I promise to enjoy while creating more helpful content like this for you.

My personal arsenal:

  • Planoly ($0) - Content planning + automation

  • Canva ($0) - Branding assets

  • Setmore ($0) Online booking

  • Square ($0) - Payments + online booking

  • Venmo ($0) - Alternative payment option

  • Thumbtack ($0) - Wedding leads - Only pay for leads that inquire with you - set your own budget

  • Squarespace (website $18/month) - Your cyber real estate (PLUS added authority building)


A simple plan for turning Instagram followers into paying wedding clients


“The type of content you share directly correlates with the type of people you will attract.”
– Instagram Expert
Alex Tooby

The Instagram strategy that works:

  • Focus: Choose ONE thing to focus on, on your Instagram account (even if you offer other services)

  • Posting frequency: at least once every other day while growing

  • Use descriptive hashtags between 1,000-200k + use your location in at least 10 + always use all 30 (#YourBrand hashtag in the caption and the others in the comments)

  • Provide value to your followers in your captions with the “STYLE formula”. Grab yours here

  • Give to get: Like and comment on non-followers that might be your ideal client + interact with your current followers

  • Use highlights and stories to feature and promote your services

  • Add your most recent client offer website url to your bio and add a “BOOK” button


The 5 touchpoints to maintaining your authority while working with a bride


YOU must take (& keep) the lead during your time with your bride:

  1. Entry point: Social media, website, Thumbtack, ad or referral

  2. Inquiry: Email, DM, online booking, Thumbtack, phone call  

  3. Contract: + Deposit (authority)

  4. Trial run: Trust building

  5. Big day: Easy breezy bridechilla

Bonus: Testimonials!!!


My #1 trial run hack that will guarantee a happy bride EVERY time (even if they are a bridezilla)


Step-by-step to winning over your bride EVERY time:

  • “Is there anything you don’t like or don’t want? Great, so today is going to be kind of a rough draft for the actual day. So I’ll be working a little more freehand and it may feel a little loose so that I can move things around to your liking or try other things, ok?”

  • Show them your progress in the mirror 3 times in this order (back, sides, front) and get their feedback along the way

  • Reassure them that on the day of, you’ll be using more pins and more product to ensure that the updo is perfect and secure

  • Take photos of the prep and of each angle of the final product (great for memory for day of AND extra content for social media!)

Do NOT create “the” perfect updo on the day of the trial - this will set them up for high expectations on the day of and as you all know...creating the exact same updo is not entirely possible (as brides may think).

Ready to implement these strategies step-by-step?


what’s covered


>>> MODULE 1 - Foundations with Finesse
> Defining your dream client with the MKC builder
> Structuring your pricing & positioning with the Signature Offer builder
> Wedding/event contracts

>>> MODULE 2 - Business by Booking
> Online booking setup
> Integrating Instagram
> Utilizing reviews
> Where to use your url  

>>> MODULE 3 - Insta with Intent
> Set up & monetize your page
> Hashtag research
> The right kind of engagement for growth
> Utilize highlights & stories effectively
> Learn the STYLE formula to turn captions into clients
> And so much more!!

>>> MODULE 4 - Customizing with Canva
> Custom Instagram highlight covers
> Instagram story designs
> Design simple assets for your website
All without any design skills!

>>> MODULE 5 - Planning with Planoly
> Account setup
> Hashtag groups
> Learn how to get the most out of the software to make planning easier, fun and fast

>>> MODULE 6 - Authority with Thumbtack
> Prime your profile to get wedding leads coming to you at will (daily)
> How to price quote through messenger and land the job every time

>>> MODULE 7 - Single Page Site
> Setup your Squarespace template
> Pick a domain
> Setup a secure web email
> Navigate Squarespace with confidence
> Understand the 5 most important sections  
> Implement a clear strategy that turns visitors into paying customers
> Learn the easy design principles for a beautiful & timeless website
> Have confidence in updating and maintaining your website
> Launch checklist